Me and Lynda

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Philosophy, Tech, Tech and Life
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So Monday morning I’m operating on ~2 hours of sleep, and after work I have school.  Yay.

But that’s OK, because I’m invincible.  Cannot be vinced.  And I have a lockable car with reclining seats, for those rare lunchtime naps…

I noticed yesterday that through my Johnson & Wales network, I have a subscription to – this is crazy cool!

Since this discovery, I have listed about twenty video courses I want to take, and already watched about six hours’ of material.  Free learning is the best, especially for the subjects that aren’t that typically supported, without spending $$$ on classroom learning.   Good stuff too, really well-made from what I can tell.

So next week, I will be an expert in:


If you want any help with anything at all in the known Universe, let me know.  But no earlier than Friday, or my knowledge may contain gaps.



Whaddya YOU fink about that? Leave a comment!

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