Geekery makes me calm. Can’t explain it, but my god it does. Coding / writing algorithms / debugging or just thinking about how stuff will work is one of the only things that puts me in a completely Zen place. I’m doomed, but happy to be so. I love it. I just need a pocket protector and a few zits, and then I will be perfect.

Last night I went to a Providence Geek meetup at AS220 on Empire Street downtown, and heard a presentation about the evolution of Providence software company Andera, by their CEO / founder Charlie Kroll. That was an interesting event & good presentation, met some pretty cool new folks and a couple of older friends, and also found out about some other neat local geekeries going on which are actually specific to php web development. How could I possibly abstain?

Today I finally wrapped my head around the potential of external Cascading Style Sheets, as well as the coolness of php include() statements and pulling in variables and page elements from external files. Getting used to working in fragments like this at first seemed like a somewhat unnecessary pain in the arse, but having played with it for some time, my opinion has completely flipped, and it makes updating anything really, really, REALLY really simple.

I’ve been working a little bit with some visual flowcharting representations of the QMS for work, and that quickly started to scream a need for html involvement. I don’t know how successful I will be getting all the toys / tools I would like to complete this task, but DreamWeaver would make it a whole lot easier and more fun. Or even some of the freebies, like Nvu and Bluefish would work. But being in a corporation means I can’t just go downloading stuff willy nilly, I have to go through channels or the IT police will arrest me. But if I’m a good employee this year and state my case poetically with a hint of poignant desperation, maybe Santa will bring me some software.

But for now, I’m tired, and need to go wash my face in lard, then eat a pound of chocolate and wrap a thick, grimy pink Band Aid around the middle of my glasses, and have a pen leak in my shirt pocket before bed.

Peasant dreams!


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