So I have tried and tried and tried, but the word is official – I cannot get into Star Trek DS-9. I gave it more time; I tried episodes from after season 1; I even rooted for them in fights and sat through 3 consecutive “To be continued” endings, but when they were all done, it still felt lame & unfulfilling. I wish Voyager went on forever. I miss the EMH. I miss the subtext between Chakotay and Janeway, and I miss Harry Kim’s frequent abductions and Tuvok’s wise words, usually spouted despite being rudely interrupted at Kal Toh while he tries to find the seeds of order in the midst of profound chaos. I even miss Tom Paris, albeit only the later Tom who got married to B’Ellana and eventually stopped being a whining dickhead. And I miss Arachnia. I do not miss Neelix though, and am kind of glad Kes became a crazy elevated being of light. And I miss Seven of Nine, with her ice cold logic and hilariously serious observations about the inexplicable peculiarities of human social behavior. *Siiiiiigh*

This week was cool; work was a little busy but under control. I had a blast every single night, and Thursday we went to India House and ate Maryland Crab Cakes and drank East India iced tea while a band played jazz in the corner. I played a lot more guitar, and started figuring out some abnormal patterns all the way up the neck in strange key signatures. Also went way back to basics and started zoning in on mundane fingerpicking exercises, although it is coming back quickly so the mundane shouldn’t last long.

Twas a good week full of geek chic, and then it peaked, no-one freaked, and Friday at 4.30 pm, out I sneaked, came home and took a leak, listened to Beats Antique and then partied like a Sheik.

But now I’m finally all done with rhyming, and may need to move onto abnormal alliterations with alarming alacrity, alluding to almost all I know about Alabama, Alaska, Anarchy, Anacondas and Alligators.

Anyone for bacon?


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