Posted: February 24, 2011 in Life
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Worked a long and relentless day today, and I’m knackered, but not quite knackered enough yet to give up my free time to sleep and then go to work again. It’s a self-delusional psychological sleight of mind, but this works – kinda like setting your alarm clock forward to trick your groggy-assed early morning brain into panic. So instead of sleeping, I’m writing a blog and yawning. It’s weird, having to choose between psychological well being and physical well being. I will usually elect for whichever one involves the most beer.

We had Indian food tonight, which is my favorite or favourite, depending which side of the Atlantic you live on. In about four weeks I have a training course in Irvine, California, which is 13 miles away from Laguna Beach. So I’ve decided to stay in Laguna Beach, right across from the Pacific Ocean, and drive 30 mins each way to the training. This is way better than staying close to the training and driving 30 minutes each way to the beach. They have palm trees and everything, whereas here we just have snow and wankers.


Whaddya YOU fink about that? Leave a comment!

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