Posted: February 20, 2011 in Tech
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So WordPress and Live Journal don’t work together, but LJ has a post by email feature too. So now, I can post to WP, Twitter, LinkedIn and LiveJournal all in the same fell swoop.

The way these accounts add tags is different, but LJ doesn’t need tags as much because you have a friend list, and will reach them regardless. WordPress tags are in the [tag] format which will look funny if it displays as part of the LJ blog, however LJ also has a feature telling it to ignore everything beneath 2 dashes. So I can put my WP tags and categories and publicize instructions below the dashes, and they technically should not appear in the LJ blog. And therefore, I am now hooked up to a whole new audience. I wonder if WP has a way to ignore certain text too, so I could reciprocate the sentiment and hide both from each other and still only send one, single update? Here goes nothing…


Whaddya YOU fink about that? Leave a comment!

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