This is getting exciting!

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Philosophy, Tech and Life, Writing

OK, seeing as I’m on a postathon while my wife is recovering from surgery three feet away, I figured I may as well splain.
My mission is to create said site and simultaneously learn a few new things along the way, and then sooner or later try it out on the sort-of-public. I wonder if the WordPress publicize feature works with LiveJournal? My focus has a habit of wandering, so I’ll try and stay basically on track. But shit man, either Dustin Hoffman’s nose is huge or it’s regular-sized and his head is tiny. So many things in this life are disproportionate like that. Meanwhile, I might as well amass legions of followers and friends along the way, whose expertise I can tap into and whose geekthusiasm for building stuff just to see it built will keep me going even when it feels like it’s all pain for no gain, prospective gain, or even slightly potential gain. But right now it feels like the world is my (really chewy and a bit gristly) oyster.

For this mission, my toolbox includes:

— Dell Inspiron laptop. Pretty cool.

— php & MySQL – I am new to both, but have some background in C so syntactically it is not too much of a leap.

— WAMP server (Windows, Apache, MySQL & php) – to build locally without having to rent webspace during development.

— Bluefish editor – excellent & free, with great support for php, html, MySQL, Javascript and all kinds of other good stuff.

— Nvu (WYSIWYG & html site building software – open source DreamWeaver copycat without quite as much awesomeness but a big fat ZERO price tag. Worth looking at.) Building something using WYSIWYG and then dissecting the code is a really good way to learn anything. That is partly how I learned VBA in Excel – by recording macros and watching the code develop. Although John Walkenback’s books and overzealous & optimistic attempts to wrestle with work-related problems using VBA are mostly to blame.


Whaddya YOU fink about that? Leave a comment!

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